• It's used to get finger-prick capillary blood for testing quantitative PT and INR. It's coupled with HemoPOC coagulometer for self-monitoring the INR for those who undergo oral coagulation therapy of Warfarin.

  • Warfarin is used for anticoagulation therapy for whose have varied cardiovascular disease or surgery, atrial fibrillation, heart valve replacements, deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. Since warfarin has a narrow therapeutic window, large individual differences, and its efficacy affected by a variety of factors, INR monitoring is needed to help guide dose adjustment during administration.

Sample Requirement:

It should be fresh capillary blood from the fingertip no less than 10μL at a time and within 15 seconds after the finger is punctured.

Package Specification:

  • 6 tests/box, 12 tests/box, 24 tests/box

Storage Condition and Expiration Date:

1) Store in cool place with no direct light at 2℃-30℃ for 16 months before opening.

2) If it’s stored in 4℃-30℃ with humidity of 30%-80%, the test strip should be used within 10 minutes once it’s opened.

How to Order

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