Global Inventor of Noninvasive sDNA Test
for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer

Dr Hongzhi Zou

CEO / Founder

Inventor of noninvasive stool DNA test for early detection of colorectal cancer

Founder of Creative Biosciences (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

Colosafe® was awarded one of the Ten Advanced Medical & Biological Technologies in China in 2018.

  • PHD degree from Dept of Surgery, Ruijin Hospital; Post doctoral work at Mayo Clinic to start his dedication in sDNA testing.

  • Obtained multiple intellectual property rights of stool DNA testing and became R&D director at Exact Sciences

  • Developed Cologuard®, the world’s first stool DNA test kit for colorectal cancer

  • Cologuard® clinical trial finished in April, FDA approval in August, included in health insurance reimbursement plan on the same day.

  • Foundation of Creative Biosciences (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd

  • November 20, Colosafe® was approved by NMPA